Will the CFTC file regulatory action against Manifold Markets for transactions involving the exchange of mana by 2030?

Resolves YES if the CFTC brings regulatory action against or proceedings concerning Manifold Markets, for example, due to or to consider the real or perceived value of Mana in exchange for goods or services outside of the Manifold Markets ecosystem.

Resolves NO if there is no CFTC proceeding involving Manifold Markets as the primary subject. i.e. Manifold Markets may be referenced or be a commentor in some CFTC proceeding and this market would resolve NO.

This market does not resolve based upon the ultimate findings/conclusion of any CFTC proceeding, only on whether a proceeding or other action, of which Manifold Markets is the primary subject, is commenced.

I open this market because I think there is certainly a lot of gift giving and awarding of mana amongst users which is entirely internal to the Manifold Market ecosystem, but then there are grey areas where some users will consider themselves hired/employed for mana. And there may be some goods/services outside the Manifold Market ecosystem which recognizes mana as a form of currency, which starts to encroach upon the the question of whether or not mana is a play money or another type of currency.

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