Will a bill proposing discontinuance of the use of VMT be introduced in the CA legislature on or before March 2, 2026?

VMT is a metric which stands for Vehicle Miles Traveled.

VMT generation and reductions are used as a metric for comparing environmental impacts of a project and play a role in funding decision making.

Resolves YES if a bill is introduced, on or before March 2, 2026, in the California Legislature proposing to either out right discontinue utilization of VMT metrics in discretionary funding of projects or significantly reducing the role/impact VMT as a metric plays in discretionary funding decisions.

Otherwise this market Resolves NO on March 3, 2026.

For example, SB 768 (2023-2024) seeks to require the state board, by January 1, 2026, to conduct and submit to the Legislature a study on how vehicle miles traveled is used as a metric for measuring transportation impacts pursuant to CEQA.

Market trading closes Saturday, February 28, 2026, just two days before the resolution criteria deadline of Monday, March 2, 2026.

Reolution will be based upon the the existence of such a bill found here: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/

I will do my best to resolve YES as quickly as possible once such a bill is brought to my attention.

For the purposes of resolution of this market, "significantly reducing the role/impact" means either limiting the funding available based upon VMT to 10% or less of the total available funding or limiting the weighting that VMT has in the evaluation or comparison of projects to no greater than 10% of the some scoring metric/rubric.

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