Will a current or former President/Prime Minister/Person in change of ANY country be shot at (from a gun) before 2026?

Shot i.e. a gun shot.

Does not have to hit him, can graze by or miss as long as it is confirmed that he was the target by authorities.

Him/her = all ok

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From the Economist:

Robert Fico, Slovakia’s prime minister, was shot multiple times, according to TASR, Slovakia’s national news agency. He was greeting people in the central town of Handlová when the attack happened. Local news agencies reported that Mr Fico has been taken to the hospital, and a suspect has been detained. Zuzana Čaputová, the president, condemned the “brutal attack”.

@Jwags So @Seeker should resolve this as yes.

Do they have to have the title "president" or is it just about being the (former) head of state or head of government?

@JanW Ya, president or equivalent. if country has no president then the head of state

@Seeker what about countries like Israel where there's both a President and Prime Minister but the PM is considered the "one in charge"? Do both count or is it just the PM?

Suggest this market could change to "world leader" instead of president.

@KennethAnderson That's an excellent suggestion. I'm going to accept that as we're in the infancy of this prediction and I would like to hone it.

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