Will any executive staff at Direct Relief be criminally charged by 2032?

Direct Relief is a nonprofit humanitarian organization.

Their executive staff (as of 2022-Dec) are:
-Thomas Tighe, President and Chief Executive Officer

-Dawn Long, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

-Jonathan Steiner, Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer

If any of the above 3 are criminally charged with any felony crimes, this market resolves "Yes". And if Direct Relief appoints new "executive staff" members, and if they are criminally charged, that too would also count as "Yes" (not necessarily just the above 3).

They should be executive staff for Direct Relief at the time they committed the alleged crime, otherwise it doesn't count.

Resolves "No" if nothing like this happens by Jan 1st, 2032.

Minor misdemeanors do not count, only more serious (i.e. "felony") charges.

Question is global -- charges in any country count.

Charges count even if they do not lead to a conviction, were settled before a conviction, or if they were found not guilty.

There should be credible reporting, or legal documents.

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