Will Pope Emeritus Benedict survive to 2023?
resolved Dec 31

Resolves YES if Benedict is alive when 2023 begins (according to his timezone). Context: https://www.npr.org/2022/12/29/1145997483/benedict-xvi-health-vatican

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Based on the chart, attempts at reanimation as a zombie have not been going well.

Man, now that it's trading back up at 0.1 from 0.0, it's almost worth buying a share in case he jumps out from behind a burial shroud pranking the current Pope saying "I fooled you!"

predicted YES

@EdwardKmett Yeah, I saw these odds and thought "surely there's a non-zero chance the newspaper ran the obituary early, or a timezone was wrong, or the market creator misclicks and misresolves, or the journalist was rigging the prediction markets to cash out, or SOMETHING stupid"

predicted NO

got a dm from Pope Frank a coupla hours ago. Benedict has kicked the bucket. Buy up the nos

This is a good no deal .. this is

I was sloppy and misread. Not clear to me how likely this actually is.

@meefburger He's in bad condition, so it could happen any day now.