Will there be an option to save an unfinished draft for a market?
resolved Jan 1

When creating a market I often start by writing a fair amount but later struggle to specify resolution criteria or get side-tracked while searching for reliable sources, leaving the question unpublished. When i want to create another market i have to save the unfinished one in a textfile to my hard drive where i usually forget about it.
Will Manifold adress this issue by giving us the option to save an unfinished market as a draft?

This market resolves immediately to YES if i think this issue has been adressed in some manner with wich i am not really satisfied.

Will resolve to NO at EOY2023 if nothing has changed.
Will resolve NO immediately if i get feedback from a manifold employee that this feature will not be implemented (for whatever reason).

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Market drafts do autosave now. There's no save button and you can't save multiple but the details don't get deleted. Is that enough for YES?

@Shump Not likely given the problem described.

Does buying "YES"/"NO" shares count as feedback?
By the way, I've seen the markets about Manifold where employees were on both sides.

predicted NO

@AnT buying shares does not count as feedback in itself. A comment with a good explanation would.

skill issue

predicted NO

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