Will a mod resolve this question within 24 hours of market close?
resolved Feb 18

The close time is 2024-02-17 02:25 GMT.

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I'm new on this site and I don't understand this market. The market creator can get currently 310 by betting NO before close and then quickly resolving. Given that why would anyone bet YES here? Can mods reresolve a question after it was resolved? Is this kind of market manipulation frowned upon and not done even on unranked markets?

@AdorjanKovacs If someone pointed out to a mod that it was closed early and this was down within an hour of it closing and the mod saw the message within that hour then I think it would be likely for the mod to re-resolve it. Given it has been open for a week without this happening and there is now only 4 hours left it seems unlikely the creator intends to try to pull such a tactic which would likely be frowned upon though whether any action taken more than a hour after closure seems much less clear to me.

@AdorjanKovacs I will resolve only if a day has passed after close

@SavioMak (or I become a mod)