[Ṁ200 subsidy] Will iPhone sales in 2024 exceed sales in 2023?

In 2015, iPhone sales reached a peak at 231.2 million units sold. The number of sales fluctuated until it reached a new peak in 2021, with 242 million units sold. However, in 2022, sales declined to 232.2 million units. In 2023, sales were further down to 231.3 million units.


The question will resolve to YES, if according to the Business of Apps webpage above, iPhone sales in 2024 exceed sales in 2023 (231.3 million units). The question will resolve to NO, if iPhone sales in 2024 are lower than that in 2023.

The question is for now slated to close by March 1, 2025, since updates to sales data of the previous year tend to occur by Q1 / February next year. Market might be resolved before March 1 if the figure is updated before the slated end date.

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