Will I record a weight at or under 87kgs before the end of 2023?
resolved Dec 31

My weight is currently trending down as per the following chart:


Will I record an entry on this chart at or under 87kgs before the current year is up?

I record my weight consistently after a workout at the gym, always on the same scale (although I would say it's on the cheaper end of scales). A workout, and weight recording, is typically done at ~6:30pm on each day that I do a workout.

I tend to eat on the healthier side although I'm not explicitly watching what I eat. My wife and son are both vegetarian which means I also tend to also follow a mainly vegetarian diet.

I'm not trying particularly hard to gain muscle either, at most I'll supplement a workout with a protein shake afterwards but that's about the extent of it. A workout itself consists of around a 20 minute run at 10km per hour (working up to 30 minutes / 5ks) and weight training that alternates between arms, chest and legs.


22/02/2023 - I'm 6ft 5" / 195cm tall.

23/02/2023 - I'm in my early 40s

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Are you still doing this? How's it going?

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@EvanDaniel Terribly 😭

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@SamuelRichardson well uh... consider this some additional encouragement?

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@EvanDaniel I've been slack about charting my weight since I started getting access problems to the Google Sheet on my phone, I hadn't spent any effort debugging why it wasn't working. I'll sort it out and start recording entries again. That said, the last adhoc measurement I did was ~91kg.

Three weeks of eating ramen in Japan has not been kind at all to me.

Are you trying to lose weight?

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@LachlanMunro I'm not so much trying to lose weight, but that I have a target weight I'd like to get to. This will sometimes factor into thoughts like "Should I eat this doughnut" but I'm not tracking what I eat.