Will non-market features like paid polls or question bounties be the most impactful new feature for Manifold in 2023?
resolved Jan 1

One way of viewing Manifold is that's a platform for you to pay to get an answer to your question. Prediction markets are one way of doing this. But there are others:

  • Question bounties, where you allocate a bounty in mana that is paid out to the best user-submitted answers. (We have a prototype of this up here but there's a lot we could do to improve it and more fully incorporate it into our platform.)

  • Paid polls or surveys

  • ???

At the end of the year, all people working on Manifold will take a Yes/No vote. If the majority vote non-market features such as the ones listed above (but not excluding related options that aren't listed) as the most impactful new feature from 2023 this market will resolve YES. A split vote resolves NO.

If we decide not to implement this feature (or if the feature we do implement looks sufficiently different), I will resolve this market N/A (even if we do end up implementing it later)

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