Will my scooter be stolen in 2023?
closes Dec 31

I just purchased an electric scooter, and I live in San Francisco, which is notorious for thefts and property crime. This market resolves YES if the scooter is stolen any time before the end of 2023.

I intend on using the scooter a 4+ days / week to go to cafes, restaurants, etc. I won't leave the scooter outside overnight, but I will lock it to bike racks during the day if I'm going somewhere. I'm pretty diligent in general about locking up, and the scooter itself has a feature to lock the wheels if parked.

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Caleb Withers

U got a stronk lock?

PhatFree avatar
Jeff B.-K.is predicting YES at 28%

@CalebWithers Locks don’t stop thieves, just slow them down

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Caleb Witherssold Ṁ4 of NO

@PhatFree NGMI sold my no 😂

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Caleb Withers

@CalebWithers (my intuition is that very strong locks deter more opportunistic thieves who aren't up to use power tools in daylight but I'm just pulling this out my ass)

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Caleb Withers

@CalebWithers whoops ur not op

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