Will I love Daylight Computer?
Sep 2

I just pre-ordered a Daylight Computer. It's expected to arrive early July.

Will I love it? Around a month after I receive it, I will I subjectively evaluate whether I love it or not.

I am probably biased in favor of Daylight after watching the S3 interview, but I suspect it might be more buggy than presented. I have previously used a Kindle and enjoy it, but find the limited functionality and slow screen refresh rate annoying...

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FWIW I also enjoyed the S3 interview, and I personally bought the refundable pre-order deposit. Waiting for reviews to see how it actually is as well. reMarkable doesn't have a third tablet planned this year or next year AFAIK and the rM 2 is already getting old

Will really hinge on how small of a slice of your computing you expect to do on it.

If you're counting on it replacing your main laptop/phone/tablet, it's a pretty easy bet on NO. Almost a sure thing, even.

But if you're the type who regularly buys new tech toys, and you only need to use it for a few hours a week to feel satisfied with your purchase, then this market is in play. Will it feel polished or janky? Will the screen live up to promises? Will it's capabilities overlap with your specific wants?

My bet is that you're a tech dabbler, and you just want it for while you sit on your deck and drink your coffee. And it'll be nice. But it will have a few annoying rough edges. The sea will be exactly the wrong shade of pink. You'll shrug, be content with your purchase, but not love it. It will go in the drawer. Then you'll move onto some other shiney.

Yeah, while I think the marketing for this product is pretty slick, at a certain point, if you want a high-framerate reading experience you can take outside, without much features or annoying electronic notifications, that's totally free! It's called library books and writing on paper. Doesn't run out of battery :) I know I'm being condescending but I know just how strong the urge to get the shiny is lol, and I'm fed up with digital addictions for sure, but another product is not going to fix it.

What do you think of reMarkable tablets?

Haven't used it, but it seems focused on a use-case that I don't care that much about (handwritten notes).

I have a reMarkable 1 and am also considering Daylight. What are you looking to use it for?

What are some devices that you've loved or hated in the past 10 years?

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He has high standards

oh thanks a lot now I also need one!

bought Ṁ150 YES

you made it into Batch 1! looks like I'd have to wait until late November for mine 🥺 I'll stay tuned to see how this market resolves lol