Poll: Do you use the Feed tab?
resolved Jun 29

We're trying to gauge usage of Manifold's current homepage feed tab (versus Browse or live feed or something else). Please vote YES below if you usually use the feed when you're on Manifold, and NO otherwise (i.e. if you're just using the Markets page instead). (Running this poll for a second time.)

Resolves YES if 50% or more respondents vote Yes. Poll closes on May 28th at 11:59 PT. I won't trade in this market.

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That's a very one sided poll, a big difference of awhile ago.

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feed me

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This market is almost monotonically increasing, which is what I'd expect in the simple model where almost everyone uses the Feed tab but doesn't have common knowledge of that, and so cautiously bets Yes based on their own usage. So I think it's very likely to not only be Yes, but to be a landslide for Yes.

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@adele The fun part is that this doesn't necessarily imply that the Feed tab is used by the majority of users, since it may very well be the case that people who use the Feed tab are much more likely to see this question and poll.

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@adele I think this was boosted in the feed, but it’s also at the top of trending!

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The ppl r hungry. Feed em!

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Yep! Found this market through the feed :)

I also use the search/browse quite frequently, looking for markets closing soon or with specific trade volumes.

In order of use I use:
#1: Feed
#2: Quickly check the news, but this is experimental. Seems to have potential but I don't stay here long.
#3: If I want to hunt for new or specific stuff I will go to Browse.

I never used Live, that was far too overwhelming and will only get worse as things scale.

EDIT: I found this market through the feed for example!

My least favourite part of the feed is that it seems to weigh followed peoples comments pretty heavily. I really don’t need to see them if they have no likes, or they’re on pointless markets, but if you can change the threshold so that it requires a few likes or a popular market, that’d be nice.

Otherwise, it’s pretty great. Just sick of the comments and don’t want to unfollow people. Makes me think twice before leaving a small comment, as it might annoy my followers.

I’m sure at least one of them will see this. Lol

@Gen I agree comments seem to be too high on the priority. I think the Feed has lots of low hanging fruit like this. Probably don't show me comments on a market I am not following/betting in for example.

You'll know it's a hit when there are protest markets about it.

For clarification, the news tabs and Browse are not part of this poll. Do NOT answer Yes if those are what you care about. Only vote Yes if the Feed tab itself is something you usually use regularly.

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The feed is more compact, the topics are useful to know what people are betting on, and the "Browse" tab is an easy way to find groups you're following.

One suggestion: It looks like you can't choose the list of groups you want to switch between in Browse. And it might be good to have a filter for "markets from any group I follow, including private groups", which could also be a relevant feed signal.

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It is difficult to not use the feed now - even though I preferred the old live feed I don't see a way to use it anymore. Clicking into the market search is tough too (and not very useful imho).

The previous result was No, but the feed has changed a lot since then: /SG/poll-do-you-use-the-feed