When will I (consensually) get waterboarded?
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After February 2024
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At the sEAttle book club, we discussed "Suffering Focused Ethics: Defense and Implications" by Magnus Vinding.

Somewhere along the line, unfortunately not in a drunken stupor, I stated roughly "I've thought for a while I want to try getting waterboarded. I want to know the spectrum of emotions my body can experience". Even more unfortunately, people listened to me...

This market will resolve to the month wherein I get waterboarded (for any number of seconds). I do plan on it being a reasonable number (whatever that is) though. I will bet/place limit orders for "No" on "After February 2024", as well as betting yes on other answers. I do plan on the resolution of this market involving at least 1 or 2 witnesses other than my partner or I, but om the off chance that does not happen you do have to trust I will resolve honestly.

Some random context:

  1. I actually have been curious about getting waterboarded for a while - it seems like it fits an interesting middleground between no long term physical consequences and true fear/panic/pain?.

  2. Apparently there are videos of famous people getting waterboarded online - I have not watched those. I do not really know what to expect.

  3. I have one overly eager volunteer willing to help my nightmares come true. I also have people around who I can feel confident I would feel safe with after.

  4. I one time ate 5 falafel with a Carolina Reaper pepper cooked into each. I don't regret the experience.

  5. I may be out of town during a chunk of December.

  6. I do plan on doing a bit (2+ hours) of research prior to undergoing this experience.

  7. My partner thinks it sounds sorta dumb (*gasp!).

  8. I have not actually made any formal plans on when or how this will happen. Who knows what can happen with an overly eager volunteer though?

Note: If you give advice on how to do this I find useful, or give advice that convinces me not to, I will happily send some mana (10-5000) your way.

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@RobertCousineau let's call this one shall we?

@shankypanky fair. I am not planning on getting waterboarded today or tomorrow.

I am still interested in doing this FWIW.

@RobertCousineau it's a momentous occasion: the market that opened the door to my time on Manifold has resolved and I think I speak for everyone when I say, "of course she would end up frequently betting on vibes-based, niche goal, and hornypost markets."

I have one overly eager volunteer willing to help my nightmares come true.

still true. let's get this scheduled. livestream? or is that too snuff film-adjacent?

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Christopher Hitchens did this, he lasted for a couple seconds. He described pain and terror of drowning. I don't know what drowning feels like so his description doesn't help much in understanding it.

It sounds like it's actual torture and not some "enhanced interrogation" thing.

@VAPOR Robert has explored Hitchens' experience and remains intrigued

Mos Def did some sort of related thing many years ago as well IIRC, in protest to practices at Guantanamo Bay

edit: I stand corrected, Mos Def received force-feeding as they do to hunger strikers at Gitmo

this dream image tho 😅

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Added context: waterboarder (as opposed to waterboardee) has been confirmed and is currently workshopping role titles. Considering adding a poll to settle title (important for both marketing/comms and vibes obvs).

sEAttle book club escalated since I left town

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"overly eager"? some might say the volunteer has just the right amount of enthusiasm.

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@jack I have a limit order for 10k no at 25% on "After February 2024" now ;)