What will be the new name that I choose for Unparalleled Misalignments?
Unparalleled Misalignments (i.e. no name change)
Quadruple Entendres
Parallel Puns

Unparalleled misalignments (as they are currently called) are pairs of non-synonymous phrases where the words in one phrase are each synonyms of the words in the other. Some examples:

  • Butt dial // Booty call

  • Father figure // Dad bod

  • Wine glasses // Beer goggles

  • Homeschooled // Housetrained

  • Unit vector // One Direction

  • Drink menu // Spirit guide

  • Unparalleled / Misaligned

I'm looking to rebrand, because lots of people think "Unparalleled Misalignments" is a bad name.

Some desiderata:

  1. Clever

  2. Memetically fit

  3. Nice to have: The name itself is an example of the genre

I've posted a bounty on Bountied Rationality, and will add suggestions that I think are worthwhile as they appear. Others are welcome to add options as well.

The new name will be chosen by me, but I'll probably lean heavily on this market in making my decision.

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earnings call // payphone ?

@saulmunn (tbc, this is an unparalleled misalignment, not a suggested name for the class of phrases!)