Will the identity of DJ Soft Baby be revealed before 2025?

Andrew Callaghan mentioned on his discussion with Lex Fridman an episode at Burning Man where he interviewed a man named "DJ Soft Baby", and the next morning the pages of the media company he was working for were taken down. Andrew suggests that the individual was a member of a privileged elite who had high level connections to tech companies/institutions.

Snippet from transcript -- youtube clip with timestamp: https://youtu.be/yEou104m_P0?si=1BRSm4RqkTf8EqFt&t=3852

Andrew Callaghan

Everything was going good until we interviewed this guy named DJ Soft Baby. He was wearing a golden leotard with, once again, kaleidoscope glasses, shirtless dancing like you know dancing. And he was eating chowder out of a plastic bowl. And he was like, “This chowder is so fucking good.” He is like, “This is the best chowder I’ve ever had in my life.” And he starts putting the chowder on his face. And he is like, “I want the chowder all over me, yah.” And we just go, “Hey man, can you just do a dance for us real quick, just for some B-roll.” He does a dance. We post it on Instagram the next morning. Doing Things Media CEO calls me, Reid, he says, “All of our pages are down.” And he’s like, “That guy you filmed dancing last night on drugs, putting chowder on his face, that guy is at the top of MIT.”


Lex Fridman


Okay. I’ve not been to Burning Man. I would have to consult my colleagues at MIT if they know DJ Soft Baby. It probably was Harvard. Let’s put it on them.

Andrew Callaghan


Okay. The top of Harvard. So, he made some calls to the heads of Big Tech and got all the Doing Things Media pages taken down. At the time, that was a vast network of pages. And we ended up having to take the… Obviously, the video came down. And he held the entire network of Instagram pages hostage. He made us agree to never post that video again, and then somehow got all of our pages reinstated. That was my first brush with powerful people on drugs, and that was probably my last brush with powerful people on drugs.

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