Will Sora be released before Oct 2024?
Oct 3

Resolves as YES if Sora (OpenAI) is released before October 1st 2024

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/RemNi/will-sora-be-released-before-oct-20 (this question)


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/RemNi/will-sora-be-released-before-oct-20 (this question)

In order to qualify as released in the context of this question, Sora must either be accessible to any consumer willing to pay, or free to access for anyone, in at least 4 of the following countries: USA, UK, France, Japan, India, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy before the specified date.

A staged release (a release of a smaller model than the largest version of Sora) is not considered to be the "release" in the context of this question.

If access is restricted (e.g. due to resource availability limitations) at this question's end date, then this market resolves as YES only if the majority of existing paying accounts on OpenAI's premium offer that were subscribed a week prior to this end date can use the model. This must be true in at least 4 of the countries listed above. The anywhere on earth time zone is used for this question.

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