Will Aella die of natural causes?

Resolves if/when Aella (of knowingless fame) passes away.

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"Natural causes" is not well defined. One could argue, if one is a naturalist (not believing that supernatural causes are real) that all causes are natural. Colloquially, though, "natural causes" is typically contrasted with causes linked to a human trying to do something (e. g., if the cause of death is "being repeatedly stabbed until you died" that is generally thought of as not a natural cause), but there's a grey area there - drinking until you die of liver failure would typically not be considered a natural cause if you're an alcoholic, but having an occasional drink and then dying of liver failure might be, and drinking and falling off a cliff to your death might or might not be. Getting a virus is clearly a thing that often happens naturally, often kills people, particularly old people, and is approximately never a thing someone is trying to do, but comments below seem to argue that if Aella died of an STD, that would not in their minds be a "natural cause". It seems like maybe the concept of "natural" causes of death means something like "a cause of death where no person has done anything wrong", to some people?

If what is meant is "died of old age" then keep in mind that as our understanding of those causes of death improves over coming decades, many things currently considered an inevitable natural thing that happens as a result of aging may become choices someone has some control over, and potentially move out of the category of "natural causes" and into a category similar to "if you choose to let this continue instead of trying to have it fixed, that is suicide".

In American English the meaning seems to be accepted as meaning


-Some degree of inevitability

-No foul play

-Related to terminal illness. As you said, what some blame "old age" for

I apologize for assuming that phrase was universal.

If she dies in the US or UK it will be simple since Natural Causes is one of the manners of death coroners can write on a death certificate. I will defer to the coroners if possible. If she dies outside of these countries, I'm open to suggestions.

Euthanasia is an interesting edge-case but I think much of that will depend on the culture of the time.

if i had mana i would put it on no because she will die of stds from that party she had were nerds lined up to fuck her

@megacoolness she writes about this stuff. All the people she has sex with have to provide negative tests for STDs etc. I believe condoms were used as well. I think the probability that Aella dies of STDs is at least a standard deviation below the average person.

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shes doing the ai doomer 'no longer planning to live a long life thing