Will my cat want to attack my rescued pigeon?
closes Oct 18
  • I am introducing my cat (Chacha) and the pigeon that I rescued from the street (Kali).

  • Until now I have been keeping them in separate rooms, which has been inconvenient.

  • If at any point over the next month, I need to remove Chacha from the vicinity of Kali, for fear he will attack her, then this resolves as YES. I will of course monitor the situation and make sure Kali is not in serious danger.

  • Kali is free to roam the apartment in the day (not in a cage). I built her a "jungle gym"/play-area of boxes where she usually hangs out, but it's accessible by Chacha.

  • Chacha is a smart cat. I have seen him try to attack wild birds before, but it's quite possible he understands that Kali is an accepted group member. Chacha is 12 years old.

  • I will not bet in this market.

  • I will post some videos of them either in peace or proving that there is tension.

  • Twitter cat-pigeon Video 1: https://x.com/rigormyrole/status/1704481769813053532?s=20

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So far so good, can’t post vids on manifold so see video on Twitter: