If I found a startup, will I get at least $500k in funding within two years?
Dec 31

I have quite a wide presence online. I encourage you to explore my Medium, Substack, LinkedIn article and posts, Twitter, YouTube to get a sense of my ideas.

Based on all online available information, what are my chances?

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at which point is it determined that you have founded the start up?

@jim company registration

I see your twitter link, but some light digging didn't turn up your substack or LinkedIn. Would it be possible to drop them?


I will publish a piece here laying out my ideas by Sunday evening to give more information and to provide this market better data for inference

Would your startup even need $500k in the first two years? I don't want to ask about your specific idea, but some background would certainly be helpful. In my eyes most startups, particularly in the IT sector, can be founded with significantly less capital, especially if not pursued full time. Do you consider adding your own assets into the startup as part of its funding? Additionally, does this question only resolve to your first startup or if your initial idea falils and you found a successful second one, would this still resolve the question to yes?

@Lion yes. I actually disclosed some info on the Discord. The startup is in the Fintech field. The aim is to innovate an information processing system that outcompetes credit scoring. I may not be able to sell the system without proof of concept so I may have to become a lender B2C rather than a service provider B2B. For that I need enough capital to be able to do some lending utilising my proprietary system.

@RanaG Do you have a link for the Discord chat or isn't it public?

@RanaG Thank you ❤

Are you actively trying to found a startup within the timeframe?

@TonyPepperoni I am seriously considering it

@TonyPepperoni the question is conditional on trying though

@RanaG the answer is conditional on a lot more than your online presence, I think? I think it's hard to predict without understanding the industry, proposition, who else is involved, etc. is the suggestion that reading through the listed platforms would give some indication of what your startup is/would be? could you summarise it with relevant information?

@shankypanky indeed it would need more than my online presence.

But I wanted to assess my chances purely on my personal characteristics for success, independently from the idea first.

An idea could improve or worsen my chances so I wanted to get that out for this market.

@RanaG got it. having been a cofounder of a startup in another chapter of life, I think no matter your personal characteristics all of the other things - idea, market, collaborators - have the biggest impact (network is relevant, of course!) in my experience. good luck either way, though ✨

@RanaG Is this something you’ve thought about for a long time, or is this a recent interest of yours?

@TonyPepperoni being an entrepreneur: since 2019. This particular idea: since 2023.

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@RanaG Hypothetically, would you still be on your regular job at McKinsey while working on the start up?

@AmmonLam yes until it's promising enough with backing

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