Will Darius quit streaming in 2024?

Made this market because Darius is contemplating quitting:


Announcement of quitting for any period of time or inactivity for at least 30 days (voluntarily) will count as quitting. The announcement to quit must be a public statement, either written or on stream. It cannot be a throwaway message in a discord server.

If Darius dies or is incapacitated to the point where he can't stream, this market will resolve to N/A.

What counts as "quitting":

  • Any announcement of taking time off because Darius doesn't enjoy streaming, doesn't think it's sustainable, or wants to do other things will count as quitting. Even if he changes his mind a day later, the announcement of quitting driven by any of the above reasons will count as quitting. If he quits because of all the stress related to Xena, this will also count as a YES resolution.

  • If there is no stream activity for at least 30 days straight even if he has plans to return at a later date in 2024, it will still count as quitting. Him not returning must be voluntary and not because of circumstances outside of his control (surprise eviction, coma, internet issues, PC issues). The days where there is no stream due to circumstances outside of his control will not count towards the 30 days requirement.

Some other notes:

  • Darius choosing to use a roommate's stream for a collabration will still count as active streaming. For example, appearing together on Ahrelevant's stream for dating/tinder content where he is a main part of the stream. However, if it's a stream where he's just duo-queueing in league, I will not count that as "streaming" because he's just there in the background and not being part of the content.

  • If Darius announces that he's going to be streaming a bit less, it will not count as quitting.

  • Darius calling in to Destiny's stream to argue with other people will not count as "streaming"

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