Will I make MOP 2024?
resolved Apr 19

sighs here's the market...

comes out when official scores and qualifications come out, and I'll refrain from talking about how I did on the USAMO

DISCLAIMER: trades made during USAMO do not constitute discussion, I merely buy down when high enough regardless of my performance

Edit: discussion allowed, disclaimer removed

Edit: ig i should give predicted scores... see comments

(I am 11th grade, so I have to make blue cutoff)

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I'm an honest man. I didn't sell my 400 mana position before I resolved. Not sure if this is supposed to be the precedent.

Are you willing to disclose your predicted score? (Feel free to decline)

@JuniKim 7-, 0+, 0+, 7-, 7-, 0+

@PseudonymousBosche24f Or if you want the classic format,

Optimistic: 721773

Realistic: 710772

Pessimistic: 710771, possibly one of the 7s is a 6

Very pessimistic: 600660

Verry pesssimisstic: 000000 (they lose my papers)

Nihilist: it doesn't matter in the end

@fellfield xooks

also not orz enough to make mop

@PseudonymousBosche24f i would say 710772 has like 80% chance to mop

@fellfield i would say it has a 14.34% chance to mop

@fellfield (also I need to make the higher 11th grade cutoff)

@PseudonymousBosche24f I am aware. P2 and P5 are really hard!!

free mana!!!!

@nyc xorkies

bought Ṁ100 YES

He qualified for blue mop last year and made TST twice. Free mana imho.