Will this market have 100 unique traders by the end of 2023?
resolved Mar 31

Resolves to YES if there are at least 100 unique traders on this market by the end of 2023. Otherwise resolves to NO.

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I am the 100th trader on the market (shoutout to @Dreamingpast). @Predictor you can finish or resolve this market now :)

This market has 98 traders.

Resolves YES for 100 traders reached.

Commenting so people see this, trade here, and get Free Mana.

2 people trade and it resolves YES.

@Dreamingpast wait this didn't show up in the live feed!

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@Dreamingpast The market's been unlisted.

@IsaacKing but mission accomplished

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Over 11 months to get 29 new users? Piece of cake.

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There is already something like 50 unique traders on this market, in what world does it not happen? On the last day people will just spam it in comment sections if its not there and its win-win for the new traders.
For a fair market it would need to be something like "100 unique (net No shares) traders" otherwise its free money for the yes predictors.

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@MichaelRobertson Okay, great!

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@MichaelRobertson Where do you see that? If I go to leaderboards I appear ranked 2670 so there are thousands of traders "all time". But as this haven't been resolved I imagine is about daily traders in the last day of 2023? I guess the answer could be NO if something crazy happens.

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@patodesu Right under the graph you will see 3 buttons, "Comments", "Trades" and "Trade by you", under trades you can look at all the traders in this market. Right now it shows 79, but there are a few people(like myself) who have made multiple trades. I'm guessing there is around 50 so far, and that it will not be long until it hits 100.

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@MichaelRobertson ah, okay. I thought it was "market" as "the manifold market"

You can see the number of unique traders on a market by checking the market details in the top right corner under the three dots menu. Right now this market is at 45.

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