Will the first successful implant of a 3D-printed heart be performed before 2026?

Harvard University scientists have developed a new technique using 3D printing capable of printing blood vessels on living tissue. The technique, called Sacrificial Writing Into Functional Tissue (SWIFT), promises to facilitate organ laboratory development.

The team managed to create a kind of artificial heart that was capable of beating. As of November 2019, laboratory-created organs were not developed enough to be used in humans, but experiments have shown that SWIFT can be of great help in this process.

If by December 31st, 2025, a successful heart implant created in the laboratory using the SWIFT technique is performed on a person, this question will be resolved as “Yes”

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The title says "by 2025", and the description says "by December 31st 2025"

@RemNi Yes, by the time 2025 is complete.

@Predictor maybe reword the title? It's a bit confusing the way it's written. An alternative would be "... before 2026?"

@RemNi OK, will do.

@mods Plz fix, tks.