Will OpenAI’s DALL-E be made commercially available by the end of 2022?
Dec 1
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OpenAI trained a neural network called DALL-E to create images from text captions for an unseen number of concepts expressible in natural language. The company used the GPT-3 artificial intelligence as the groundwork for DALL-E’s development. Currently, OpenAI focuses only on the development of research projects, but such a powerful neural network could be disruptive if used for commercial purposes in the future. If DALL-E (or any similar synthetic image creation technology from OpenAI) is made available commercially by December 31, 2022, even under a limited program, this market will resolve to Yes.
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GPT-3 is commercially available, and they show off the results of people with early access pretty heavily on their social media (@openaidalle), so I suspect they want to sell access eventually. It seems like their demo rollout has been fairly slow though, so 2022 might be too soon.