Will a current or former world leader shit themselves in 2023?
resolved Jan 1

From today to the end of the year, will it be made public by multiple reputable sources that any current or former world leader has shit themselves during this time?

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There’s a market for everything huh

Carter is constantly shutting himself but the fake news media is too scared to report it.

This resolves NO; in order to resolve YES, it needs to be made public by "multiple reputable sources."

That is a contradiction in terms; if any sources publicizes such a thing, they are no longer reputable, whatever they may have been in the past.

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@DavidBolin The fuck you talking about? Will they shit, will they not shit, let's not think about it so hard?

@Mirek I am just pointing out that if it is made public at all, it will be made public by disreputable sources.

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@DavidBolin I shit you not!

If one dies would this resolve YES??

@BTE it really should. Biology is biology.

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@firstuserhere it should be made public tho. Also not all deaths would lead to them shitting themselves

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@BTE Before this becomes an issue with Jimmy Carter, unless it is made public by reputable sources that he did in fact shit himself, the market will not automatically resolve YES on account of news of his death only.

@Predictor LMFAO!! At this point it would be a HIPAA violation so not likely to be leaked.

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@BTE Very likely there may be a leak, but we won't find out about it.

@Predictor You knew you wouldn’t miss that double entandre slam dunk!! Nicely done.

@Predictor *I knew you would know what to do 😂

Late-stage gerontocracy, the market.

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I'm guessing if there's any risk they're probably wearing diapers.

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I dunno, with all these cameras around...

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Odds high with geriatrics in the office, but odds low of making public!

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@kazoo maybe it leaks out..

@Pandurevich they might say it's just a bubble

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@Odoacre then again, hard to hide a bubble bursting

@Pandurevich right, the media would make a big stink about it

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