Will Manifold have an official trollsona by next 4/13?

Manifold is no stranger to introducing mascots based on popular media. Last April, Manifold announced its anime girl mascot, Mana-chan, who will now tweet silly things at the behest of Manifold users. And while it unfortunately appears that Manifold will not be getting a fursona, I have another idea for a silly Manifold mascot. 4/13/25 will be the 16th anniversary of Homestuck, an age which is probably numerologically significant given that it's the age of most of the main characters at the end of the comic. And while Homestuck is not Manifold's favorite webcomic, I hear that one prominent user is a fan.

This market resolves YES if, by the end of 4/13/25, Manifold has a mascot/'sona based on the troll species from Homestuck. To count, it must be used by Manifold in some official capacity, such as being a part of the site or being mentioned by an official Manifold account. As an example, if the Manifold twitter account makes a tweet with a picture and description of an original trollsona and claims it to be Manifold's, that would count. But it wouldn't count if Mana-chan did the same thing because anyone can make her tweet whatever they want. The trollsona does not have to be originally designed by Manifold staff: If a user makes one, and it's later officially adopted, that counts as well.

The trollsona could also be for a specific part or aspect of Manifold rather than the entire site.

It is widely accepted that trollsonas should have six letters in both their first and last names. To help Manifold in the creation of its trollsona, I have come up with some name ideas that fit this scheme:

  • Mannie Foulde

  • Itsnot Crypto

  • Ration Alussy

  • Thebig Pivott

  • Plasma Ballin

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I'm still waiting for the fursona tho

. ๐Ÿฅบ


@shankypanky I will keep making markets about Manifold 'sonas until they make one of them.

@PlasmaBallin did you make this banner image or is it an auto-generated win? ๐Ÿ˜‚

@shankypanky auto-generated win

@PlasmaBallin the gift that keeps on giving

@shankypanky Somehow the banner has disappeared for me. A true tragedy

@PlasmaBallin it doesn't show up on the computer but it's still there on the app - BUT it doesn't expand to full size. life is cruel.

@shankypanky Here is the imagonthat appears on mobile for those who are using desktop.

@PlasmaBallin Dall-e really makes the Troll planet look pretty Utopic