Will Nikki Haley get a higher vote share in the Utah caucus than any primary on Super Tuesday?
resolved Mar 9

Utah was left out of /Lion/super-tuesday-in-which-gop-state-pr because it is the only state holding a Republican caucus on Super Tuesday, rather than a primary. Will the percentage of the vote received by Haley in the caucus exceed the percentage she gets in all primaries held on Super Tuesday?

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@SemioticRivalry @PlasmaBallin Lion left out Utah on purpose in his market, so I'm betting NO here. But I guess the resolution of this one is a bit unclear now...

@TimothyJohnson5c16 The resolution criteria are just based on whether Haley receives the highest vote share in Utah, so it will still resolve the same even though it turns out it wasn't an accident.

@PlasmaBallin Hmm, I guess I can roll with that since that's what was in the description.

But my bet was based more on the previous question text, "Will Lion regret forgetting to include Utah?" And the answer to that is either NO (since he doesn't regret it) or maybe NA (since it wasn't actually an oversight).

sold Ṁ13 NO

@TimothyJohnson5c16 The original title was meant to just be a silly way of asking the question of whether Haley would get her largest vote share in Utah. I can reimburse you for the NO bet if you want.

@PlasmaBallin Thanks, I appreciate the offer. But after looking more carefully at the polls, I think I would bet pretty similarly anyway, so no need. :-)