Which new features will Manifold introduce in Q2 2024?
Jul 1
Options for (at least some) multiple choice markets require creator approval to be added
Change to when/under what circumstances creators can bet on their own markets
A change to the transaction fee amounts (after they're introduced)
Real cash prizes
A new or returning question type not grouped in with the current four (and not counting the return of bounties)
Ability for creators to see the total amount they've made from transaction fees over a given period of time.
Some alternative mechanism for bounties after discontinuing (including bringing bounties back)
Maine and Nebraska's Congressional districts added to the interactive election map, or somewhere nearby on the U.S. elections tab.
Some feature designed to replace loans (i.e., to reduce the cost of betting in long-term markets and having your mana tied up)
Ability for market creators to disallow themselves from betting on markets of their choice
Ways to literally "burn" mana, e.g., pay mana to create a flame animation, pay mana to keep a virtual fire going in a chatroom
Ability to edit annotations without deleting and recreating them
Market drafts (the ability to save drafts of markets that you aren't done creating, beyond just having it save a draft of the last market you worked on)
Ability to partially resolve answers to NO on linked multi-choice questions.
Allow warning flags to be added to markets with inactive creators, pending creator clarification, misleading titles, and/or a need to carefully read the comments or description.
The return of loans (after they're eliminated)
The return of manifoldpolitics.com or some equivalent, as a separate site
Net reduce the number of known, unfixed bugs by at least 10%
Anonymous polls
Ability to change your vote in at least some polls under at least some circumstances

Which features will be introduced by Manifold by the end of June?

Features that already exist or duplicates of other options will be resolved N/A. Options that are more specific or general than an existing option are okay though.

Answers that are of the form "any change to X" don't include bug fixes, purely cosmetic changes, changes to the text shown in some location, or changes in the notifications you get from something, unless otherwise stated.

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Net reduce the number of known, unfixed bugs by at least 10%

If I'm confident to the answer to this one, but don't get explicit confirmation from staff, is everyone fine with me just resolving to the answer I'm confident in? (I'm pretty confident the net reduction will not happen)

@PlasmaBallin go for it!

bought Ṁ90 Answer #7180e5af4e9f YES

@PlasmaBallin This resolves YES

bought Ṁ416 Answer #9e4821f0271d YES

this works with ian's new hackathon project! the profit is at the top left of the graph when you search a user or look at your own.

(thanks @ian!)

bought Ṁ425 Answer #ce74f5129e81 YES

@PlasmaBallin this will be super true once they launch the pivot changes but this can already resolve YES—numeric already had their price increased to 1000M (from 100M before) last week.

@Ziddletwix Oh right, I didn't even think about that.


[Edit: This was supposed to be a reply to a big NO bet on the return of manifold.love, but for some reason it didn't show up right.]

sorry I brought this heartbreaky emoji - I could be wrong! ❤‍🩹

@shankypanky Don't worry, I never actually used manifold.love anyway, it just felt like an appropriate reaction to use for the end of site about love.

No one noticed that this option was here even though it already happened a few days ago

At first, I thought I shouldn't just put things that they've already announced here, but then I realized this one can go on because we don't know what the timeline is for this being implemented.

@PlasmaBallin Okay, actually I'm resolving this one N/A because what I meant by it was real cash prizes, but it seems like people are interpreting that to be a different thing.

Net reduce the number of known, unfixed bugs by at least 10%

Resolves according to what the Manifold devs say.