Would I be able to raise at least 1 million USD for a startup in the next 2 years?
Dec 31

If I quit my job and try to start a company, will I raise 1 million USD cash funding (not valuation) for a company I lead (or co-lead) within 2 years?

Will probably add more context to make this conditional on actually trying. If I simply take another job it would resolve N/A.

While I believe the specific idea is not very important, my current plan is some kind of zero knowledge crypto product built on top of ethereum.

Edit: The clock will start on the day I leave my current employer.

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Give me a heads up if you ever pull the trigger

@Pepe Can this resolve or extend?

@SirCryptomind Edit history doesn't show me what the original close time was but it seems you closed it or did a no-op edit 2 weeks ago.

I have now left my employer.

@Pepe It closed on its own, most likely December 31st 2023 or around that date since the tool I am using is only showing markets from that timeframe for a specific purpose of resolving all the End of year markets.

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@Pepe you left your employer... to start a startup?

@ian Nope, but I’m still considering it

If I make no attempt to raise funding to is resolved NA. An attempt will be e.g. spending at least 2 weeks writing code for a single project that I hope to monetize, or having an investor meeting were they plan to decide to fund based on the outcome, or forming a company.

Also it's worth noting that I've done research in formal computer science and read and understood recent papers on proofs of validity of off-chain computation (aka zero knowledge) being developed for ethereum.

Current plan is some kind of zero knowledge crypto product built on top of ethereum. I don't have a specific idea, but I believe the space is large enough to support many niche products.

Entirely possible that I would work on a startup in a different space. My observation is that effort and skill are the key factors for getting funded, not an idea.

What does the startup do? Give us your VC pitch

Need a little more context

What you trying to do?

Putting in a small position to keep this market in the radar and awaiting further details!

Pics if it happens, I’d be happy to be wrong but am betting the odds