Outcome of Elon Musk/X Corp's "thermonuclear lawsuit"
Dec 2
Is not filed (resolved NO)
X wins in court
X loses in court

Close date is not final, will be extended as needed. Will be resolved to "Is not filed" if not filed (and no evidence of progress appears) by end of November. (Doesn't have to be the claimed Monday)

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bought แน€495 of X wins in court YES

I'm going all in baby

bought แน€100 of X wins in court NO

you know you can wait and buy at a better price than 80%

@jacksonpolack I made the proportion 80%. I bought it at like 10% or something

you started buying at 10%, you ended buying at 80%

@jacksonpolack It was the same payout, it seemed like. I am just playing for fun, but regardless, if I am not just erring in reasoning, it seems Manifold Markets does not factor your own market influence in determining your payout

it does factor it in

@jacksonpolack Tried to buy more, it does not

@CarterHinsley Just checked

i use this site wayyy too much it definitely does lol

@jacksonpolack Not for me

@CarterHinsley Ur right mr polack


@CarterHinsley I just cured myself of my delusion


X is requesting the court to order MM to take down their article.

all i'm hearing here is that yes, they served those ads next to that content, and having that content next to those ads is a real possibility despite it not being very likely.

this case might be over by the end of the year lmao

sold แน€26 of Is not filed (resolv... YES

This is maybe a stupid question, but is it possible to resolve one option of this to no, now that it's been filed? I'm new to manifold sorry.

bought แน€10 of Dropped YES

Unfortunately not - not with the "resolves to only one answer" type of question, at least. Not sure why it's like that, but such is life

bought แน€41 of Is not filed (resolv... NO

@Marnix Damn, looks like I should have sold out when it was higher

As of Monday, the Thermonuclear lawsuit is MIA. Waiting for December 1 for this to get resolved!!

@Orca I wasn't expecting it to be filed on monday, these statements are usually hyperbolic, so I gave it some extra time. Truth be told I'm not expecting it to be filed at all.

bought แน€0 of X wins in court NO

if anyone really thinks twitter wins i have a limit at 50 on twiter winning

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