Prediction Markets Poll: On a Hypothetical Prediction Markets Platform How Would You Like New Markets to Be Fed To You?
resolved Jan 1
No Algorithm: Just a list with the ability to filter and slice in many different ways, make me do the work, old school. The default list could be a feed of the most recently created markets or something.
According to My Interests: Start building up a profile of what I bet on, feed me more similar of the same.
Money: Feed me (and by extension everyone) a list of the biggest markets. Just let the biggest markets dominate and feed everyone in there.
Volatility: Feed me the (and by extension everyone) the highest volatility markets. Whatever is changing the most relative to everything else should dominate and feed everyone in there.
Other (Please Specify)

Please discuss below if none of the options apply.

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I would want a combination of these factors.

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