In the novel, Paul Atreides is compared explicitly to Adolf Hitler. This market pertains to a potential third movie in the current feature film franchise. Hitler's name or a direct title such as "The Fuhrer" would count for Yes, but merely mentioning World War 2 would not.

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that would break the world building!

@strutheo Hitler exists (historically) in the Dune universe!

@Tumbles i guess youre right nvmd

@Tumbles give us hitler, for worldbuilding purposes

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they didn’t even use the word “Jihad” in Dune 2. I don’t think it’s remotely likely that a major studio movie compares the protagonist of its blockbuster to Hitler. Studios hate hate haaaaaate that kind of controversy. That’s not how Hollywood operates.

There’s a lot that they’re gonna have to change when adapting dune messiah. The weirdly specific Hitler comparison (that many found jarring in the already extremely weird book!) won’t make the first draft (not that the studio would ever allow it if it did lol)

@Ziddletwix I think you're right, though I will say Hitler has slightly different considerations than jihad. Including jihad risks seeming anti-woke or vaguely Islamophobic. Mentioning Hitler is less likely to run into problems like that. I do agree it's overall unlikely, I think a vague allusion to WW2 or the holocaust is more likely to a direct reference (if anything), which would still resolve this market NO

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