What did the Il-76 shot down on 1/24 carry?
Jun 30
Ukrainian prisoners
No Prisoners of War [clarification pending]

An Il-76 airplane has crashed in Russia's Belgorod region. Russia claims it was transporting over 60 Ukrainian prisoners. Some Ukrainian media initially said it carried S-300 missiles and was "the work of the Ukrainan [forces]", but then withdrew/redacted the claim.

What did the plane carry? I will resolve to every significant type of cargo/kind of passanger according to (Western) media/expert consensus. If the answers are not clear by market expiration, I will either resolve N/A or extend the deadline. I may resolve early if the answers seem clear.

Please only add specific and non-trivial answers, not e.g. "things" or "its own crew"; I will delete anything else.

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“A Russian plane shot down with a Patriot missile was probably carrying Ukrainian prisoners of war, U.S. officials say.”


No Prisoners of War [clarification pending]

How is this different from buying "no" on "Ukrainian prisoners of war"?

@PS Since there was no reply, resolving this N/A

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@PS How many Ukrainian prisoners need to be confirmed for the "Ukrainian prisoners" to resolve YES?

@Irigi Any; one would be enough.

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@PS wouldn't prisoners imply at least two?

@komplexkonjugat I meant this as a mass noun, as in "any prisoners", which I think includes one prisoner

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This hasn't been resolved yet! Plz change

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@Lorelai What do you mean?

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@PS we don't know what was on the plane yet?

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@Lorelai I'm also a noob so maybe I got it wrong and you haven't "resolved"

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@Lorelai No, the question is not resolved, you are welcome to continue betting : )

@PS oh confusing ahahaha thanks

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@Lorelai A resolved question looks like this

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