Who will be the 4 highest profit traders in serious markets in Sep? (short-term, Sep-focused)
closes Oct 2

IMPORTANT: only resolved markets count

This is a follow-on market after this market.


  1. 1st place = 50%

  2. 2nd place = 30%

  3. 3rd place = 15%

  4. 4th place = 5%

It is a contest to see which top trader will have the highest profit in a single market in Sep. I will resolve this market to the eligible candidate with the highest eligible profit.

Full rules below:

  • You can submit yourself or other users as an answer.

  • Candidates should be submitted as "@[Manifold Username]".

  • Any subsequent duplicate entries will not be selected as the winner.

  • Before this market closes, there must be a comment posted here with a link to an eligible market, as defined below, showing the candidate as the top trader.

Traders in the same market can qualify.

Market/Payout Eligibility Rules:

  • The market is publicly listed.

  • The market is created after Aug 1st (with an emphasis on Sep - i.e. should be open in Sep longer than in Aug)

  • The market resolves before or at the same time as this market closes (10/01, 11:59:00 PM EST)

  • The market has a top trader that has been submitted as an answer here.

  • The market is "serious" in my judgment. It is a predictive market about newsworthy real world events, not itself / other markets / streamers / manifold user's personal lives (i.e. not a non-predictive market or personal market).

I reserve the right to disqualify a market if it seems like someone has conspired with the top trader to give them the profit deliberately.

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