Will I finish a triathlon
May 17
M$450 bet
750m swimming, 5K running, 20K on a bike. I'm in pretty bad shape, but I intend to go slowly. At a slow pace, 750m swimming = half an hour, 5k running = an hour, 20km bike = an hour. This site: https://www.triathlete.com/training/dear-coach-what-is-a-good-triathlon-time-for-a-beginner/ claims that a good triathlon time is 1.5 hours, that would be an hour more. Then the question is whether I can do 2.5h of excercise, which I think I can. To clarify, the triathlon in happening near the middle of May

💬 Proven correct

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I knew you could do it! Congrats.

Rachel Shu is betting NO at 59% 8 days ago

Congrats! :D

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Congrats! 🎉

Nuño Sempere is betting YES at 59% 9 days ago

I ended up finishing this in 2:18. This question resolves positively.

Nuño Sempere is betting YES at 60% 20 days ago

^of account of:

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people usually finish triathlons

Rachel Shu bought M$100 of NO21 days ago

Skeptical. I think you're looking at more like 4 hours untrained. If you're willing to slog it out, you and your backers deserve it.

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Normally I would be skeptical, but since you have created a market for it, I think you are motivated :-)

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Wow look at all these haters. I believe in you!

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Also hoping to lose! Good luck.

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I hope to lose! good luck!

Nuño Sempere a month ago

> Does it resolve N/A in case you don't start it? No, it resolves as negative

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You can do it!

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Does it resolve N/A in case you don't start it?