Dec 31

Resolves YES if a new TV series, movie or mini-webisode-series using the officially licensed Stargate IP is released before close date. Can be a continuation of either film or TV series or a hard or soft reboot.

Resolves NO if no Stargate video content is released OR if the video content is only a trailer for something launching after close date.

Content must be science fiction so e.g. a documentary on production of the film or series would not resolve YES.

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In my dreams, but unfortunately too short a time...

predicts YES

@DanielPugh My tentative YES is because I think they had something in development at Amazon, maybe as early as late last year. If the writer’s strike ends soon-ish and development was fairly well underway then I think it’s possible.

@Noit fingers crossed, would be good! I'd have have expected more rumours on cast if they were ready, and still would be tight unless it's very low budget...

The writers strike makes me doubt the timeline, but I'm excited to be wrong!

I’m still thinking this is a relatively strong possibility given the Amazon IP acquisition. Plus I really want to see it!

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