Will my children need to learn to drive?

I have two children; a two year old and a three month old. At closure of this market, will my subjective opinion be that driving is a useful skill that they should learn?

The market closure is set to a point when both children will be legally able (according to current UK law) to apply for their provisional driving licence and so this should be something they are considering.

Things that may influence how you buy:

1) I currently believe that driving is a useful skill for most people to have.

2) The only time I believe 1) does not apply is when you live in a major metropolis that is well served by public transport.

3) We currently live in at suburban environment which is poorly served by public transport.

4) We live in the UK, if that has any bearing on your thoughts about self driving car infrastructure in 2039.

5) If my children were of legal driving age at market creation I would resolve YES

6) To avoid influencing the market I will not invest myself.

Any questions, feel free to stick them in the comments.

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If e.g. self-driving cars don't happen but cheap ubers become ubiquitous and are clearly cheaper than owning a car for most people in suburbs, would this settle as yes?

@ShakedKoplewitz I’d lean towards resolving NO in that case , assuming price, safety and availability of rides were sufficient.

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