Will Argentina join NATO by the end of the year?


This question will resolve YES if Argentina joins NATO by the end of 2024. Argentina joining as a Global Partner would not count. See the comments for more details. Here is the market for that:

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Wait is this just for global partnership like in the article? That's a much lower bar than full membership


Geoana said he welcomed Argentina’s bid to become an accredited partner in the alliance — a valued role short of “ally” for nations that are not in NATO’s geographical area and not required to take part in collective military actions. NATO membership is currently limited to countries of Europe, Turkey, Canada and the United States.


Other global partners of the Alliance include Afghanistan, Australia, Iraq, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Mongolia, New Zealand and Pakistan. Currently the only NATO partner in Latin America is Colombia.


@TheAllMemeingEye Whoops, I think your right, thanks for the heads up. Made a new market.

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They'd have to rename it NASATO (North AND SOUTH Atlantic Treaty Alliance)

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