In 2024 will the Supreme Court of the United States hear any cases involving OpenAI and/or Anthropic?
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Does "hear" mean granting cert or would some other action by SCOTUS resolve YES?


I don't know much about how SCOTUS works. Tentatively I'm interpreting the question as more specifically "Will a Supreme Court hearing, with oral arguments, involving OpenAI and/or Anthropic in a nontrivial way, begin in 2024?"

I care more about reasonable interpretations of the original text of the question, not about what I intended the question to be at the time. If anyone thinks this operationalization is unreasonable, or there are other more reasonable operationalizations, or you interpreted it in a different reasonable way, or it is still importantly underspecified, please let me know.

I'm not sure where the threshold for involved in a nontrivial should be, for example.

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