⛏️ Will Norway's parliament approve deep-sea mining before 2024?
resolved Dec 28

Will the Norwegian parliament decide to open up a section of the Arctic Sea to deep-sea mining before 2024?

Yes: The market resolves to 'Yes' if there is an official announcement or credible news report clearly stating that the Norwegian parliament has made a formal decision to allow deep-sea mining in the specified Arctic Sea section.

No: The market resolves to 'No' if the before 2024 timeline passes without any announcement to the effect, if an official statement explicitly says the decision has been delayed, or if the parliament decides against opening up the area for mining.

N/A: The market resolves as N/A if there is no clear information available due to communication issues, if the parliament’s decision gets cancelled or is rendered void due to unforeseen circumstances, or if the area in question becomes disputed over sovereignty reasons within the before 2024 timeframe.

Origin: https://www.reuters.com/sustainability/climate-energy/norway-moves-open-its-waters-deep-sea-mining-2023-06-20/
> Parliament is set to debate the proposal in the autumn.

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@Nikos does this resolve yes? It's limited mining for exploration purposes

@GCS That counts! Sorry I missed it!

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