Manifold lottery tickets 50x return possible
resolved May 21

I have placed No limit orders at 2%. If you are interested in this lottery, you can purchase as many Yes shares at 2% as you wish, provided my No limit orders do not run out.

How the lottery will be decided:

I will roll a number from 1 to 52 using FairlyRandom at market close.

If the number rolled is 1, the market resolves as Yes. (All Yes buyers receive 50x return on their investment)

If the number rolled is not 1, the market resolves as No. (All Yes buyers get nothing)

The market closes after 30 days or after enough individuals have bought lottery tickets by purchasing Yes shares so i don't lose on subsidising this market, whichever comes first

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@NielS your random number is: 43

Salt: ceezqq5bflc, round: 4029906 (signature a6bf6d82e6507d86703257068cbf6e91a49aa7bb571770ae9c649b7d4352d31dd2162632c3dbe754377ca395e56ecfed06839fda9d39760aa1a7731bd200dca67e0e86da430adcb34094cd85a6964428c805293cfdc81d9eb158b522dbdcef8e)


@NielS you asked for a random integer between 1 and 52, inclusive. Coming up shortly!

Source: GitHub, previous round: 4029904 (latest), offset: 2, selected round: 4029906, salt: ceezqq5bflc.

Will probably end up resolving earlier so our money isn't locked up for very long, since you can't get a loan anymore.

This would be better if it used a publicly visible source of randomness

@Ansel It will be public, i can ask here for fairlyrandom to give a number so i can't cheat