Will any question in the next Philpapers survey get at least 90% agreement?
closes 2031

Agreement = 'accept' and 'lean toward' combined.

The Philpapers survey tracks the beliefs of professional philosophers in the English-speaking world (broadly construed) on a range of questions. So far, no position has received more than about 80% support.

The last survey was in 2020. The previous one, which was the first, was in 2009. I don't know when the next survey will take place, but David Chalmers says it would be reasonable to expect it around 2030 (https://twitter.com/davidchalmers42/status/1637813483545690112?s=20).


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MarkIngraham avatar
Mark Ingraham

I doubt it, but I wish I could write about performative ethics.

NicoDelon avatar
Nico Dbought Ṁ5 of NO

@MarkIngraham Put your money where your mouth is.

MarkIngraham avatar
Mark Ingraham

@NicoDelon I'm broke

BTE avatar
Brian T. Edwards

@MarkIngraham Soon to be busted.

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