Will there be M1 Abrams tanks in service in Ukraine by June 2023?
resolved Jul 4

The question is whether there are Abrams tanks in Ukraine before June 1st 2023. The market will stay open until end of June. Then I will resolve to the best of my abilities.


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no tank u 😔

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resolves no

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photo taken in Ukraine March 28th.

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@BTE "Ukraine's defense minister (c) in front of British Challenger tanks and armored vehicles from the US and Germany in an unknown location in Ukraine in a handout picture released on March 27, 2023."

No M1 Abram in sight!

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"M1A2 Abrams tanks will be delivered to Ukraine at the end of this year or in 2024.

This was reported by the American newspaper Washington Post’s sources.

The 31 M1A2 main battle tanks would not be taken from U.S. military stockpiles, but would be procured under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative."

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"President Joe Biden announced today that the United States will provide Ukraine with 31 M1 Abrams tanks."

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Do M1A1/M1A2s count? The M1 was the first generation, built 1979-1985.

Is this market intended to capture all Abrams tanks including export models?

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@Adam All of them. I know that a 1980s tank doesn't have all that much in common with a modern one. But the question is meant to capture all relatively recent US tanks.