Will Zelda be playable in "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom"?
resolved Jul 14

A pre-release gameplay demonstration will suffice for YES.

Sep 14, 11:22am: Will Zelda be playable in the sequel to "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild"? → Will Zelda be playable in "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom"?

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evergreenemily avatar

Maybe next time...probably not, but a girl can dream. At least if they make Hyrule Warriors: Age of the Tears of the Kingdom or whatever, she'll be playable in that.

NcyRocks avatar
N.C. Youngpredicted YES

All right, I finally beat the damn game. Here's my spoilery judgement:

The closest thing to this is during the final battle, when Link rides the Light Dragon. But it didn't seem like I was actually controlling the Light Dragon, and the Light Dragon isn't Zelda (Zelda has no memories past her draconification, and the dialogue makes pretty clear that draconification means loss of selfhood).

This market therefore resolves NO.

LukeHanks avatar
Luke Hankspredicted YES

@NcyRocks Serious hypothetical question. If during gameplay Zelda gave Link a piggyback ride such that to navigate Link the player actually navigates Zelda, how would this market resolve?

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NcyRocks avatar
N.C. Youngpredicted YES

@LukeHanks For some reason I doubt that this is hypothetical 😛

Gabrielle avatar
Gabriellepredicted NO

@LukeHanks That should not count for this, since in such a hypothetical situation Zelda wouldn’t actively be the playable character, just someone helping Link achieve a task while Link is still the playable character.

evergreenemily avatar

@LukeHanks Spoilers/speculation: I believe I know what you're referring to, and I would count that as NO for a few reasons.

NcyRocks avatar
N.C. Youngpredicted YES

@LukeHanks At any rate, the market’s closed and will resolve based on my playthrough of the game. No need to ask or speculate, and I’d appreciate no spoilers.

ShitakiIntaki avatar
Wamba Ivanhoe

Does it have to be primary game play or would a a prologue or epilogue portion of the game count or secret/hidden level or cut screen moment where player input can move Zelda around or otherwise interact with the environment?

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NcyRocks avatar
N.C. Youngpredicted YES

@ShitakiIntaki Why do I feel like this isn’t a hypothetical question… look, I think I answered this question in a previous comment.

ShitakiIntaki avatar
Wamba Ivanhoe

@NcyRocks Ah. you are right, and 4 months ago at that... I was moving to fast and didn't read the full thread. My apologies.

NcyRocks avatar
N.C. Youngbought Ṁ81 of NO

People are updating upwards after the new trailer? Why?

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Ibozz91 avatar
Ibozz91predicted NO

@NcyRocks I think people seeing link fight with others might mean you could play as them, which could mean zelda is playable

ForrestTaylor avatar
Forrest Taylor

@NcyRocks I believe all the new YES buyers are people who came over from the Reddit thread when I mentioned this market in a discussion... 👍

NcyRocks avatar
N.C. Youngpredicted YES

@Ibozz91 Interesting, hadn’t considered that. The conjunction of “Link’s helpers are all playable” and “Zelda can fight alongside Link” would seem smaller than 30% to me, but hey.

NcyRocks avatar
N.C. Youngpredicted YES

@ForrestTaylor Ah, that’ll be where they came from! As for why they bet up to 40% though, I’m still a bit lost. I’m tempted to say they’re conflating “this would be cool and there’s been lots of speculation about it” with “this is something Nintendo are likely to implement”. Kind of like the dog-petting market.

JacksonWagner avatar
Jackson Wagner

More Zelda markets, inspired by the Hogwarts Legacy metascore market:

JimHays avatar
Jim Hays

If the player can control Zelda for some very limited portion of gameplay, such as only during the final boss fight, is that sufficient for resolving to YES?

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NcyRocks avatar
N.C. Youngpredicted YES
JimHays avatar
Jim Hays

If at some point in the game, the player is controlling Link, and Zelda follows Link around based on Link’s movements, would you consider that sufficient for resolving to YES?

3 replies
NcyRocks avatar
N.C. Youngpredicted YES
Ibozz91 avatar
Ibozz91predicted NO

@JimHays That's like saying you're controlling the cop in subway surfers lol.

JimHays avatar
Jim Hayspredicted NO

@Ibozz91 No, I think chasing you is distinct from what I’m describing. The cops there react to you, but you can’t control them in the same way as you can control Zelda in A Link to the Past, for example. For context: https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxTMAhBGqFQ36w9ZQ8EPsYGhwY0B7UtgYZ

NcyRocks avatar
N.C. Youngpredicted YES

'Will Zelda be playable in "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom"?;

Will Zelda be playable in
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journcybought Ṁ35 of NO


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cosbought Ṁ1 of YES