Will cannabis be decriminalised in New Zealand by 2027?
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Does decriminalisation require they stop going after dealers and supply?

For people voting yes, curious how they think it will happen. Another poll?

As decriminalisation has, to some, specific meanings that are not the same as 'legalisation', could you please clarify your criteria for resolving this 'yes'?

Eg moving from prohibition with criminal penalties to prohibition with civil penalties, or just not enforcing the criminal penalties, would be described by some as 'decriminalisation'. For those people, 'legalisation', which does not include interventions like the two above, would not automatically include 'decriminalisation'. So if NZ creates a legal regulated market, these people would expect your market to resolve 'no'.

predicts NO

@WXTJ I specifically chose 'decriminalised' instead of 'legalised'. Civil and/or unenforced penalties would resolve YES.

predicts NO

@WXTJ Hard for me to see a legal regulated market resolving YES on its own.

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