Will the Supreme Court make any decision on the Trump Colorado ballot before March 2024?
resolved Mar 2

Dismissing counts as a decision

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I thought they were going to make a ruling as quickly as possible after hearing arguments. Surely they want to do it before the primary actually happens, right?

@PlasmaBallin This ruling has nothing to do with the primary, ballots are already printed with Trump's name on them and even if SCOTUS rules in Colorado's favor, the primary will continue. This is entirely about the general election.

This might be me being overly precious about voting (obviously the primary isn't especially in doubt at this point) but if I were a Colorado voter I'd want to know whether a vote for Trump was going to count or not before marking my ballot!

@SemioticRivalry The Colorado, Maine and Illinois decisions all have specifically targeted the primary but I'm not sure the Republican party even cares if Trump is disqualified in any states for the primary as long as his name is on the ballot. If state elections departments certify the election and release any vote numbers that include votes for Trump (qualified or not) the Republican Party is going to hand those delegates to Trump.

Man they are putting this thing off to the last minute! I originally assumed that they were going to want to give Colorado's elections people and voters a little bit of a heads up. What a zoo!

Would this count as a decision?

The justices could rule that congressional action is needed before courts can intervene

Your market includes both the GOP appeal and Trump’s own?

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the primary is on March 5th

Does this feel okay?

@NathanpmYoung why wouldn’t it?

@mattyb can they rule that they aren't going to rule?

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@NathanpmYoung <edited i can’t read>

They could dismiss the case, sure. That would let the ruling stand, and he’d be off the ballot. I don’t think that’ll happen (factored into my YES bet)

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