Will Harvard be found liable for damages to Gino, conditional on a trial verdict being reached by 2026?

(Resolves N/A if Harvard settles the lawsuit out of court)

Francesca Gino, a Harvard professor, has initiated a defamation lawsuit in Massachusetts. The defendants in the case include Harvard, three researchers from the Data Colada group, and several others. The case is identified as Gino v. President and Fellows of Harvard College (1:23-cv-11775).

Both "Harvard University" and "Harvard Corporation" (the latter of which is formally known as the "President and Fellows of Harvard College") are plaintiffs in this lawsuit. This question is conditional on at least one of them reaching the trial verdict phase; if both of them settle the lawsuit at any point before a verdict is reached, or if a verdict is not reached before 2026, the question resolves N/A.

Resolution Criteria:

  1. The question will resolve as YES if, upon reaching a trial verdict, either Harvard University or Harvard Corporation is determined to be liable for damages to Francesca Gino.

  2. The question will resolve as NO if a trial verdict is reached, and neither of the Harvard plaintiffs still participating in the lawsuit are found liable for damages to Francesca Gino.

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