Will any state regulate tire or brake emissions before 2029?

There has been growing concern about tire and brake emissions (WaPo, Atlantic) and thus far they are unregulated. No states currently regulate tire and brake emissions (that I know of), although California is investigating tire emissions.

This market resolves YES if a state passes a law regulating tire emissions before 2029. This market resolves NO if the federal government passes a law and no states pass their own law. If some state already has a law regulating tire or brake emissions, I will resolve this market YES.

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@Nadja_L The closing date on this market is incorrect. You set it to close 27th September when it's supposed to close on 2029.

@ArkPoint Thank you, I am dumb

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@Nadja_L I found this bug when I set my bot to only trade on recent markets and wondered why it was buying shares in this 2029 market 😅

@ArkPoint I'm sorry! I did not mean to foil your plans!

I would offer to refund you, but it looks like you will not lose anything if you want to exit now.

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@Nadja_L Nah, it's fine, it's only 10 mana anyways and I will prefer to hold my position here.

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