[Order of the Stick] Will the Order visit Klxba'f nfgeny sbegerff before the end of the comic?

In comic #833, it is revealed that Xykon the lich has built a fortress-tomb-thingie in the Astral Plane in order to protect his phylactery (soul-hidey thingy) from harm. However, seemingly unknown to Xykon, his ally/minion Redcloak the goblin has replaced Xykon's phylactery with a well-crafted fake, and it is apparently only the fake which is now hidden in that fortress. Thus, Xykon should never actually be resurrected inside the astral fortress, and there will never be any obvious reason for the protagonists to go there.

More recently, the god Thor "accidentally" let slip to his cleric Durkon that the fortress exists, so the protagonists do have that information if it should ever become relevant.

By "Chekov's gun" rules, there is really no reason for the fortress to have been mentioned at all, or for the protagonists to learn about its existence, if it weren't going to matter to the plot in some way. On the other hand, the comic currently seems to be drawing close to a conclusion, and there may not be time left for another extended dungeon crawl sequence on top of all the other threads that need to be resolved. Moreover, there doesn't seem to be any obvious sequence of events that would lead the fortress to become relevant currently, given that all the key players are currently near Kraagor's Gate and all final confrontations seem likely to be resolved there.

Hence, the question of this market: Will the Order of the Stick visit Xykon's secret astral fortress before the end of the comic?

Pedantic definitions:

  • "The Order of the Stick" means a group including at least half of the original protagonists (any three of Roy, Durkon, Elan, Belkar, Haley, Vaarsuvius). So some of the Order doing something there as part of a split-party scenario would count, but any one member alone doing so (Vaarsuvius going there to sulk, Elan taking it over as a temple of Banjo) would not count.

  • "Visit" means to spend at least one panel standing on the floor of the fortress (or hovering reasonably close to the floor). Simply flying past it and remarking on it would not count.

  • "Before the end of the comic" means during any strip that counts as a main numbered strip for purposes of this market.

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Looks like I need to catch up on Order of the Stick so I can bet on this market before it ends